Finance Your SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

All SEMs offered on our website can be financed. Contact us to learn more about our lease to own program.

An outright purchase of an SEM can be cost prohibitive for some companies. In that case, a Lease-to-own solution, may be a better choice if you need a SEM for 2-3 years for a project, and then have option at the end of the contract to buy the SEM.

  • Nanomaker
    NanoMaker is a powerful add-on system for SEM/FIB based lithography to fabicate micro and nano devices.

  • STS-Elionix
    Electron Beam Lithography, 3D Electron Roughness Analyzer and Nanoindentation. See all products.

  • Hysitron
    Hysitron is the world leader in developing nanomechanical test instruments.