Electron Beam Lithography manufacturer Elionix to host student for NanoJapan internship program

The NanoJapan Program, supported by the National Science Foundation, and administered by Rice University, aims to increase the number of U.S. students pursuing studies in nanotechnology.

SEMTech Solutions is pleased to announce that their partner in Japan, Elionix, Inc., manufacturer of electron beam lithography systems, has offered a summer internship to support the 2009 NanoJapan program.

NanoJapan Tour at ElionixDuring this internship, the student will learn the intricacies of fabricating nanodevices using electron beam lithography (EBL), as well as gaining insight into the manufacturing of these systems. “We view this internship as a win-win situation”, says Ken Koseki, Elionix Overseas Marketing Director, “The student gains the cultural and educational perspective of how a Japanese high tech company operates, while we in turn establish a mutual friendship that will last over the student’s professional career in the nanotechnology field.”

Elionix has been manufacturing electron beam lithography systems for over 30 years. Their EBL systems have the largest market share throughout Asia, and they are able to routinely write patterns with line widths of 5 nanometers. Elionix continues to strive for innovation and develop excellent products to meet the high appraisal of its customers. “Forming close partnerships with our clients, bonded by great trust, have allowed Elionix to thrive throughout the years,” says Koseki, “We look forward to this same partnership with NanoJapan.”

For more information about Rice University’s NanoJapan program, visit http://nanojapan.rice.edu. For more information on Elionix, visit www.sts-elionix.com.

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