Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Preventive Maintenance

An instrument may require the benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Plan in order to retain/maintain proper levels of performance. The SEMTech Solutions PM Procedure is designed to include important checks and action-items that enhance performance and keep the tool running at peak levels, consisting of (3) major areas:

1. Electron-optical column Service: Clean & inspect beam-path components, replace/clean all apertures as required, install W/LaB6 cathodes from client stock, check optics alignment, check specimen stage axes.

2. Electronics Service: Magnification calibration, power supply output check/calibration, KV compensation calibration, feature/function test, check operation of control mechanisms.

3. Vacuum Components Service: Check valve operation, check safety interlocks, check vacuum gauge calibrations


Key Benefits:

1. The PM is a comprehensive service program to ensure optimum performance of the tool.

2. The service procedure can be scheduled in 3 or 6-month intervals depending on the throughput and application of the tool.

3. The PM procedure can provide a means to detect possible issues at the earliest stage, and help to minimize costly downtime.

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