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SEMTech Solutions (STS), incorporated in 2000, has sold hundreds of electron beam products to the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) industry. Our main emphasis is the refurbishment and service of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) worldwide. Our dedicated team of electron beam professionals, located throughout North America and Europe, take pride in a solid working relationship with our customer base, which includes Fortune 500 companies, major research institutes, and technology driven start-ups. 

SEMTech Solutions Inc.

For over 20 years, SEMTech Solutions has preserved, extended and enhanced the operational lifetime of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) worldwide. We have manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, Michigan and California. In addition, we have a SEM demonstration and service facility with our partners Service4Science in Vienna, Austria.

SEMTech Solutions focuses on three main business groups, all centered around electron beam technologies:

  • Scanning electron microscope services and upgrades with our SEMView8000 platform.
  • Elionix electron beam lithography systems – sales and service throughout North America and Europe.
  • SEM analytical laboratory services – includes field emission imaging with EDS and BSE capabilities

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