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The Amray 1810 is a LaB6 filament SEM, retrofitted with SEMTech Solutions' SEMView computer control and software interface. The SEM is capable of magnification from 20X to 50,000X. User selectable acceleration potentials of 100 V to 30 kV, spot sizes and externally selectable final lens apertures offer good versatility for different sample types. The stage can support samples up to 100 mm in diameter, with +/- 50 mm movement in the x, y and z directions, 90° of tilt, and 360° of continuous rotation.

SEMTech Solutions' software offers complete control of the instrument. In addition to a myriad of image manipulation features and image capture, acceleration potential, spot size, magnification, brightness, contrast, stigmator, focus, scan rates, and image averaging are all controllable via the software interface.

SEM Type OEM Resolution Operating system Pixel Density Chamber or Sample Size Stage Specifications Options
LaB6 Win10™ 8K Manual