SEM Refurbishment Process Image

Customer Trade-In Use Case: Refurbishment Process

Over the course of the last 10 days, SEMTech Solutions has shipped two refurbished SEMs interfaced to the SEMView8000. These were a Cambridge Instruments S-360 tungsten system and a Hitachi S-4700 cold field emission SEM.

The Cambridge Instruments case study was documented and the details of this comprehensive refurbishment process from start to finish is shown pictorially. The Hitachi S-4700 CFE SEM was shipped to a major defense contractor in Colorado and installation is underway.

The Reason for Trade-In

The main desire to obtain the SEMView8000 refurbished Hitachi S-4700 CFE SEM came from the need to obtain higher image resolution than what the defense contractor’s existing Hitachi S-3000 series Tungsten SEM provided.

Images with magnifications of 100,000 times were taken in house and sent to the customer. A deal was worked out where we would exchange their tungsten system for the Hitachi S-4700.

Shown below is a gold on carbon resolution image taken from this unit, along with the system on our loading dock being prepared for shipment.


Figure 1. Tin on Carbon Image from Hitachi S-4700
Figure 2. S-4700 Shipment

The SEMView8000 Refurbishment Process

At the heart of any SEM refurbishment process, whether it be a tungsten, LaB6, or field emission SEM, is the SEMView8000. The SEMView8000 replaces the original operator console with a Windows 11 PC and operating system. A general overview of the power generation system is shown in figure 3 and a more in-depth description of the control software and control card can be found in the following blog.

Figure 3. Main Power Distribution from SEMView8000 to a SEM Column

Upcoming SEM Refurbish Project

With the recent shipments freeing up two of the four production bays, the refurbishment process for the Hitachi S-4500 cold field emission SEM is now underway. The first order of business will be to replace the original operators console with the SEMView8000 on this particular SEM. This unit will be available to ship in the next several months. The other bay is to be determined on make, model and type.

What Are Your Future SEM Upgrade Plans?

Increase your productivity today by exploring what the SEMView8000 can do for you. Whether it be an upgrade to your existing SEM column or a complete SEM/EDS system from one of our factory locations, our team is ready to provide you with the best solution.