Expertise & Innovation with the SEMTech Solutions Team

Your scanning electron microscope (SEM), typically combined with an Energy Dispersive (EDS) system, is a vital piece of laboratory equipment. In order to keep it working its best, and get the highest possible quality images, you need a strong partner who can help you with SEM support, maintenance, and upgrades. Meet the SEMTech Solutions team: your partner for all things SEM.

Who is the SEMTech Solutions Team?

SEMTech Solutions is a trusted leader in the scanning electron microscopy industry. We have been in the SEM business for over 20 years.

SEMTech Solutions’ mission is to elongate the life of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) worldwide through our maintenance and refurbishing services. Our vision is to establish a worldwide distribution channel with expertise in electron beam technologies and a focus on total customer satisfaction. Our values have remained the same since the beginning: prioritizing the customer — you — and your needs. By focusing on you, we build strong, trusting relationships that lead to success for all.

We are a partner whose ambition is to make scanning electron microscopy more accessible and efficient than ever before.

What Do We Do?

The SEMTech Solutions team has expertise in several key areas in the SEM industry.

Refurbished SEM Technology

If you’re looking to expand your analytical laboratory with additional scanning electron microscopes or your existing SEM just isn’t performing to specifications, you may be in the market for a “new to you” SEM. SEMTech Solutions sells high-quality refurbished microscopes equipped with our SEMView8000 technology. If you have a preference for a certain OEM SEM column, we have expertise and sell machines originally manufactured by AMRAY, FEI, JEOL, Hitachi, LEO, and many more. These refurbished and upgraded SEM columns can exceed the performance of your existing technology without the investment required for a brand new microscope and the major accessories that populate the specimen chamber. 

SEM Add-Ons

Even if your existing SEM equipment is doing well, sometimes you may need to upgrade a specific part to enhance your capabilities. We sell high-quality accessories such as Backscattered Electron (BSE) Detectors, Silicon Drift (SDD) Detectors, IR chamberscopes, and more to help you get the most out of your technology.


If you’re not looking to purchase a refurbished SEM, but your existing equipment needs new reliable electronics with a current operating system to perform your job, SEMView8000 is the answer.

What is SEMView8000? Several years ago, SEMTech Solutions decided that instead of replacing aging SEMs or continuing to use technology that couldn’t give us the image quality we needed, there had to be a new solution — a way to upgrade the equipment you already have with a new operator console, a simpler way to control your machine with enhanced image capture. We spent time examining everything we liked about SEMs we had worked with in the past and combined it all into one intuitive, advanced solution: SEMView8000.

SEMTech Solutions can help you upgrade your existing equipment with a new user interface and console that can control your SEM and capture digital images as large as 64 megapixels — allowing you to see more than you could ever see before from your SEM. And it all runs on Windows 11, making it more accessible and easier to use than ever before.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

For our SEM customers, SEMTech Solutions provides ongoing maintenance and support to keep your machines running their best. Need a replacement part or help with an unexpected problem? Our regional based technicians are ready to help. You’ll always have the security that comes with a team of experts backing you up and protecting your investment.

SEMTech Solutions Locations

How easy is it to access support from your SEMTech Solutions team? With service locations throughout the United States and Europe, we make it as simple as possible. Where can you find us?

  • USA: CA, FL, MA, MI, NH, NJ, OH, PA, VT
  • Europe: Austria, Italy, Sweden

In addition to our service locations, SEMTech Solutions’ headquarters is located in Massachusetts, and our manufacturing facilities are in Massachusetts, Michigan, Vermont, and California.

These locations make it easy for us to dispatch support when you need it. With our strategic locations around the United States and Europe, you’re never too far away from a SEMTech Solutions team member to keep your SEM running at peak performance.

Looking for a Strategic Partner?

No matter your SEM application, you need a strategic partner. The SEMTech Solutions team does more than sell SEMs: we are passionate about scanning electron microscopy and we want to help you get the most out of your technology. We’ll provide you with a team of experts dedicated to helping you on an ongoing basis so you can feel confident about your SEM’s performance, now and into the future. Ready to have a conversation?