Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Scanning Electron Microscope

Upgrading your SEM is easier than you think.

Whether you are looking to achieve results beyond the capabilities of your SEM’s current electronics, or to increase the overall reliability with a dedicated service support infrastructure, there are options to replacing your existing instrumentation.

By replacement of your original SEM operating console, you can:

  • Increase Performance beyond your original SEM’s specifications
  • Improve Reliability with dedicated service support infrastructure
  • Enhance Security with the most recent networking encryption and anti-virus protection, along with system backups to the cloud.
  • Drive Collaboration with ultra-fast network connections between groups
  • Save Money by upgrading the most important part of your SEM (electronics and software) rather than shopping for new

SEMTech Solutions provides pre-owned SEMs from various manufacturers, which can be configured to your specifications.

Learn more about how you can upgrade your SEM easily and affordably with SEMView8000.