Getting the Best Quality Images From Your SEM

Your scanning electron microscope is an important instrument that enables your work. You need your SEM to perform its best and provide superior quality images. So how can you be sure you’re getting the best possible images from your SEM?

Why Is It Important to Get High-Quality Images From Your SEM?

First, why is it so vital to receive quality images from your SEM? The simple answer: it will help you answer probing questions about your sample at the micro and nano scales. When we’re observing these samples, the clearer the image, the more information can be gathered quickly and precisely.

Need an example? Think about someone who needs reading glasses. Put an important contract in front of them without glasses, and they’ll struggle to read the fine print — they won’t be able to understand the most important information on the page. Someone looking for a workaround may have the bright idea to grab their phone and snap a picture. With a high pixel density, they could digitally zoom in on the text to magnify it without need for higher resolution. Now, finally, they can understand what they’re seeing. Your SEM works much in the same way.

What Applications Could Benefit from Higher Quality Imaging?

The simple answer here is all of them. We at SEMTech Solutions firmly believe that every application could benefit from the information gained when you can digitally zoom into areas of interest without losing image quality. Our SEMView8000 provides 8k x 8k imaging, allowing you to get the best possible images no matter your applications. While any industry and application can benefit, this type of imaging is especially critical when identifying:

  • Defects and quality control
  • Micro-cracks or abrasions on surfaces
  • Adhesion or delamination issues on thin films
  • Semiconductor imaging and analysis

What does this type of imaging look like in practice? Hear a recent SEMTech Solutions customer’s experience with the SEMView800: “We take one 8K low magnification image and then digitally zoom into regions of interest. From here, we take higher magnification images of those specific regions. It is much faster to zoom into a lot of locations in an image than searching the sample via the SEM. Better throughput on our end and nice images to boot.”

Upgrading Your Equipment for the Best Images

You know the quality of your equipment is vital for your application — so how do you ensure that your SEM is up to the task?

SEMTech Solutions has the expertise to help you acquire and maintain high-quality SEM technology for your most detailed applications. We can help you determine the best path forward to ensure your technology is capturing the best images possible. Depending on your application and existing SEM, we can help you:

  • Maintain your SEM. Routine maintenance can help ensure that your SEM is always working properly. When issues arise, our team of service engineers, located throughout the US and Europe, can be dispatched to help repair and maintain your technology.
  • Upgrade your equipment or parts. If your technology is old or outdated, it may not be able to perform its function as well as newer equipment. However, that does not mean you’ll need to invest in an entirely new SEM. Our team can help you identify whether you can enhance your process with upgraded parts or whether it may be time to invest in a new or refurbished SEM.
  • Upgrade your process with SEMView8000. If you’re looking for the best possible images, the SEMView8000 can help transform your processes. With 8k x 8k imaging, you can ensure you’ll always have access to the highest quality images and information a SEM can provide. The SEMView8000 is an upgraded Win10 universal SEM operator console that provides advanced imaging as well as better productivity and security. The SEMTech Solutions team can help your team upgrade your existing technology and allow you to see clearer images than before.

If it’s beginning to feel like your application is suffering from the image quality your SEM can currently provide, you have options for change. The SEMTech Solutions team is ready to help you identify the best path forward for your SEM and your application. Ready to get started? Reach out to us to speak with an expert about your SEM needs.