How to Control OEM SEM Column

Legacy scanning electron microscopes manufactured by companies such as JEOL, Hitachi, FEI/Philips, AMRAY and Zeiss/LEO can benefit from advanced replacement electronics and software to retain their excellent imaging capabilities.
The OEM SEM column can also benefit with the addition of higher pixel density frame grabbers and the latest Windows-based operating systems, all provided at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement SEM.

SEM Column Control Electronics

Regardless of SEM type (Tungsten, LaB6, CFE or TFE), scanning electron microscopes typically accelerate the beam originating from the gun tip, down the SEM column, in the range of several hundred to 30,000 volts. This is accomplished by the SEMView8000’s modular enclosure as shown in figure 1. The 30kV power supply drives the gun and secondary electron detector voltages as identified by the blue lines.

Figure 1. SEMTech Solutions SEMView8000 Control Console (back)

In addition to the main 30kV power, the SEMView8000 also controls the secondary electron detector assembly (PMT, scintillator and collector screen), along with beam alignment, condenser lenses, stigmators, scan coils and final lens.

SEMView8000 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Ultimate control of the SEM column resides with the user selecting the desired SEM column parameters in the software, such as acceleration voltage, beam current, focus and stigmation to achieve the desired image optimized around their sample.

As shown in figure 2, the SEMView8000 user interface sends the commands through the Windows 11 PC, which in turn activates the corresponding color-coded areas on the universal control card on the front of the enclosure. This PC board then controls the various power supplies in the rear of the console (from figure 1), to drive the SEM column (also matching color coding).

One SEMView8000 PC board is the heart of the system. It replaces as many as 50-70 legacy PC boards on existing SEM equipment improving performance and reliability.

Figure 2. SEMTech Solutions SEMView8000 Software Control

SEMView8000 Features:

The SEMView8000 is capable of interfacing to virtually all scanning electron microscope columns, whether it be tungsten, LaB6, or field emission gun types. The mouse driven user interface is intuitive and simple to operate. We provide remote demonstrations to showcase its capabilities. With the incorporation of all new power supplies to drive the SEM column, along with the universal SEM Control Card, protecting your investment and maximizing system uptime is assured.

The SEMView8000 incorporates a Win11 PC and operating system so that networking and security application programs are covered for years to come. The 64 Megapixel (8k x 8k) image scan quality allows customers to produce large scale prints for posters and scientific papers.

Increase your productivity today by exploring what the SEMView8000 can do for you. Whether it be an upgrade to your existing SEM column or a complete SEM/EDS system from one of our factory locations, our team is ready to provide you with the best solution.