Imaging Electrospun Metal Nanowires with SEMView8000

In a recent scientific paper published by (PDF), coauthored by Steven DiGregorio working in the Hildreth Research Group at the Colorado School of Mines, the SEMView8000 attached to an AMRAY 3300 field emission (FE) SEM was used to characterize metal nanowires.  More specifically, metal nanowire networks were fabricated in atmospheric conditions to create transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs).  This published work represents the first-time direct metallization and plating methods have been combined in an electrospun nanowire TCE.

As stated in the paper, transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs) are essential components in devices such as touch screens, smart windows, and photovoltaics.  The SEM images shown in Figure 2 of the paper, and as seen above, show the progression of nanowire junctions after electrospinning, calcination, and electroless copper plating over a two-hour time span.

The Hildreth Research Group (equipment) focuses on nanoscale to centimeter scale additive manufacturing techniques with the long-term goal of being able to “print your phone”.  Research includes developing reactive inks to print electronic components, reducing silver consumption in solar cells by 90%, and exploiting corrosion phenomena to reduce post-processing costs of 3D printed metals by 80%.

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