SEMTech Solutions Now Offers Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) For EDS Analysis

The STS Silicon Drift Detector is designed to be compatible with all commercially available SEM systems and effortlessly interface with standard pulse processing electronics.  The STS SD EDS detector can also be configured as a Si(Li) replacement on most end-user installed EDS systems.

SEMTech Solutions provides the following support for our customers:

  • Manufacture of chamber flange
  • SDD Detector factory installed and tested prior to shipment
  • 1st Line of Service Support
  • IXRF Software installed and tested on the SEM Imaging PC – One PC Solution

The STS SD Detector provide exceptional and stable performance over a wide range of count rates (up to >1Mcps input rate).

The detector output is fully adaptable to provide optimized input directly to most analogue or digital pulse processing systems. The STS SD silicon drift detector operates with a single power supply unit and can be supplied with or without a digital pulse processor. Our STS SD system is vibration free and supplied with vacuum interface for any commercially available SEM.

The STS SD Silicon Drift Detector provides

  • Industry standard signal output
  • Compatible with most existing pulse processing systems
  • Reliable peltier cooled design
  • Low noise, excellent resolution, high rate capability
  • Single and multi-sensor products
  • Electron trap standard on sensors (SEM)
  • Optional translation stages / manual slides
  • Various collimation option
  • Available in standard or compact models