SEMView8000 Shipping from Our California Manufacturing Facility

A SEMView8000 integrated with an AMRAY 1845 Field Emission (FE) SEM has shipped from our San Jose, California manufacturing facility.  The destination is a college in the state of Iowa.  This system follows several recent JEOL SEMView8000 integration shipments from our manufacturing facility, based out of Chelsea, Michigan.  Those upgraded JEOL tools went to an industry startup and a major chemical company based in the Detroit area.

“What makes this special is that our vision of ease of integration outside of our design headquarters in Billerica, MA is coming to fruition,” states Brian Reynolds, VP of SEMTech Solutions.  “Our process is well documented, the SEMView8000 is reliable, and interfaces to major SEM original equipment manufacturers is understood.”

To learn more about the SEMView8000 and how we can upgrade your SEM with a Windows 11 graphical user interface and provide outstanding images up to 8k x 8k, contact us.  We offer online demonstrations for those looking to learn more about the SEMView8000 on your samples or ours.

For more information on SEMTech Solutions, download our most recent Company Profile (PDF).