Your SEM Column Upgraded To Win11 – With SEMView8000

If you are looking for a refurbished scanning electron microscope, or to upgrade your existing SEM with Win11 SEM user interface software, the SEMView8000 universal operator control console will meet your requirements.  The SEMView8000 is the power source that will drive your SEM column with a new SEM PC control board and related power electronics, as well as an 8k x 8k (64 MegaPixel) imaging frame grabber.

The SEMView8000 (pdf flyer) can transform SEMs from the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as AMRAY, FEI/Philips, Hitachi, JEOL, Zeiss/LEO and others.  If you are comfortable with your existing SEM column and accessories, there is no need to purchase a completely new system.  We offer a platform that extends your initial investment with improved technology, reliability, and the security your IT department requires for networking.

Our existing Win11 SEM inventory is complete with tungsten (W), lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6), and field emission (FE) scanning electron microscope columns.  In addition, if you require a new SEM accessory, we tightly integrate our accessories EDSBSEIR Chamberscope with the SEMView8000 software.

Whether in-house or in the field, our team of highly trained service engineers are capable of installations on any SEM and provide training as well.