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STS Full Coverage Service Plan

Full Coverage Service Plan for AMRAY SEMs

Full-coverage and fully customizable service agreements offer professional, reliable service to fit your individual needs, tool usage, and budget.

The Full Coverage Service Agreement provides coverage for the tool, inclusive of vacuum pumps, internal circuit cards, power supplies, control modules, high-voltage components, vacuum components, and the electron optics. Further, the Agreement covers all labor, travel, & expenses incurred by SEMTech Solutions during the execution of coverage as well as unlimited emergency calls. Technical support is always available through direct contact with your local Service Manager and/or the Home Office, with on-site escalation as needed to complete any task at hand.

The Service Agreement also includes (2) Preventative Maintenances (PMs) as part of the coverage. The PM is a comprehensive service providing optimum instrument performance, inclusive of calibration, beam-path parts cleaning, alignment of electron-optical column, and several other points.

Key Benefits:

1. The tool is maintained for optimum performance as needed, with planned Preventative Maintenance procedures.

2. Fixed-cost budgetary expense.

3. Access to Regional & National Field Service Response Centers.

4. No additional cost worries for covered parts.