AMRAY 1830 W (Tungsten) SEM

Price available on request

The AMRAY Model 1830 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), is currently fitted with a tungsten filament as the electron source.

This SEM is generally operated at slightly higher electron beam energies (5–30kV), and it has a resolution of ~ 5-10 nm under optimum conditions. All the SEM controls are mouse driven by the SEMView Hardware platform and Win10(TM) compatible software, which can capture images up to 8k x 8k pixel density. The alignment of the electron column can be easily performed. The specimen chamber has a drawer-like design for loading specimens. This configuration allows for imaging both thick specimens and thin wafers in this SEM.


  • Thick specimens with height approximately 1.0 mm to 25 mm can be imaged.
  • Ordinary materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and machined or stamped materials, concretes, and other solid materials can be imaged.
  • Filament change and electron column alignment can be performed easily.
  • Elemental X-ray analysis can be performed, with an optional EDS system, and the images can be captured in digital format .
  •  Resolution of ~ 5-10 nm and a magnification of 100kx can be obtained under optimum conditions.