Edwards RV8 Pump


Package of 1.

We also recommend the purchase of the Edwards Filter Assembly.

The Edwards RV8 rotary vane Vacuum pump features a peak pumping speed of 6 cfm at 60 Hz and an ultimate pressure of 1.5×10-3 Torr (2×10-3mbar). With a weight of only 57 pounds, this vacuum pump is an ideal addition to all laboratories. This pump is quiet with an extremely low noise level of 48 decibels. The operating range of the RV8 is between 12°C and 40°C. The Edwards RV8 vacuum pump uses Ultragrade 19 for an oil type and has an overall oil capacity of 0.75 liters and a minimum oil capacity of 0.43 liters. Pump comes as 115V, can be 230V.