Platinum Aperture (100um)


Includes: 9 Platinum Apertures(100, 200, and 300 µm), 1 Scintillator Disc, 1 8 mm Carbon Tape, 10 each Sample Stubs (1/2” and 1”), 1 Flaming Tool (requires torch), 25 Lint free cloths, 1 Metal polish, 2 beakers, 1 Toothbrush, 1 Allen wrench, 12 Set screws, 75 Cotton Tips – Variety pack, 1 Liquid Cleaner, Mech pump Filter Assy, 2 Gust, 10 Nitrile Gloves, 1 Cu Grid Sample, 2 Wehnelt Apertures, 10 Tungsten Filaments

The Platinum Aperture (100um) is tailored to enhance the precision and quality of SEM imaging. It enables fine-tuning of the SEM’s electron beam to suit a broad spectrum of sample types. This aperture size offers critical control for achieving the ideal conditions necessary for both high-quality SEM imaging and efficient EDS analysis. Selecting an aperture of the right size is essential for the clarity and detail of your images. For assistance in ensuring the best aperture size for your specific application, please reach out to us.