The feeling of a brand new SEM, at a fraction of the price.

Upgrade to a new Win11(TM) universal SEM operator console and drive your productivity to new heights.

Learn the History Behind the Revolutionary SEMView8000​

Discover the story of SEMTech Solutions’ innovation and how SEMView8000 can take your SEM performance to the next level.

When compared to used SEMs, SEMView8000 upgraded systems deliver:

Better productivity with a new Win11 SEM user interface and new electronics, creating superior image clarity

Enhanced security through advanced firewall and anti-virus software giving you protection and the ability to collaborate remotely with out of network groups

World class support with a dedicated team of electron beam professionals located throughout the Americas and Europe, flexible contracts, and remote diagnostic capabilities

Key Features:

Save time by automating repetitive tasks
Pre-programmed SEM States allow for semi-auto operation for production parts of your workflows.

Experience higher quality images
The SEMView8000 scanning electron microscope software can produce up to a 64 Megapixel image.

Access & operate your equipment wherever you are
Remote access and operation capabilities of the SEMView8000 scanning electron microscope software allow you to operate your SEM wherever you have an internet connection.

Spend less time fighting your software and more time using it
The SEMView8000 Win11 platform is engineered by SEM professionals for ease-of-use by optimizing each function to reduce the number of human to system inputs required.


Operator Console

  • A mouse-driven SEM user interface
  • SEMView8000 preloaded


  • Universal control card, and numerous power supplies


  • Upgrade your existing SEM or purchase a pre-configured system from our factory.

Technical Component Information

Operator Console
  • PC Console supports a Large Single or Dual Monitors for SEM & EDS Applications
  • Mobile, Ergonomic Design with Easy Access
  • Modular layout configuration allows for Bay/Chase or Odd Room Sizes
Upgraded Electronics
  • A single universal SEM Electronics card mounted inside the enclosure.
  • Consists of Numerous Power Supplies to Drive All SEM Functions.
  • HV Power Supply Controls:
    • Acceleration Voltage
    • Gun Bias
    • Filament Current
    • Secondary Electron Detector Voltages

SEMView8000 Scanning Electron Microscope Software

  • Win10TM PC contains a 64 MegaPixel (8K x 8K) Frame Grabber
  • SEMTech Solutions’ scanning electron microscope software, SEMView and ShareView, offer High Pixel Image Acquisition and secure remote on-line access for improved serviceability.
  • Toolbar features include:
    • File saving
    • Text & symbol annotation
    • Measurements
    • Wobble, Degauss
    • Tv Rate, Line Scan, Spot Mode
    • Pre-programmed SEM States
      Rapid Scan, Slow Scans, RS “Frame” Averaging
    • Contrast & Brightness, Stigmation & Focus, Magnification
    • Configurable quick selection tools 

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