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The SEMView8000 is a comprehensive electronics and software platform for Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).

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The SEMView8000 is the industry leading electronics and software platform designed specifically for scanning electron microscope columns. Operating in WIN10TM, research teams will enhance efficiency, productivity and networking through a simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Laboratory managers will extend the life of the capital investment with reliable electronics and a fully supported instrument.

Designed & Manufactured by SEMTech Solutions

The SEMView8000 is manufactured at our company headquarters in North Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. We assemble, test and integrate the SEMView8000 universal SEM operator’s console to all our Win10 refurbished scanning electron microscope columns. We develop the user interface software in-house, and strive to meet our customer’s requirements to be effective and efficient. Contact us at anytime to learn more about how we can help you, whether you have an existing SEM column at your site or want us to supply you a complete system from our factory.