Win10 FEI (Philips) XL30 Refurbished FE ESEM - Powered by SEMView8000

Manufacturer: FEI Company
Model: Win10 FEI (Philips) XL30 Refurbished FE ESEM – Powered By SEMView8000
Condition: Refurbished

The refurbished FEI (Philips) XL30 FE-ESEM operates with a field emission filament.  It is powered by a new SEMView8000 Win10 universal operator control console.

Why upgrade your existing SEM column with SEMView8000 Technology?

•  FINANCIAL BENEFITS – We extend the life of your SEM with improved technology.

•  OPERATIONAL BENEFITS – We provide a user-friendly system to improve productivity, deliver 64 megapixel imaging technology, and increase system uptime.

•  BUSINESS BENEFITS –We provide a new level of reliability, IT security, and networking for joint collaboration.

For more information, and/or to schedule a remote ‘live’ demonstration on our Win10TM refurbished SEMs, contact us today.