Replace all of your outdated electronics with one upgraded system.

Looking for the ideal SEM technology for your lab — but can’t afford to upgrade to brand new equipment? SEMTech Solutions offers high-quality used scanning electron microscopes enhanced by our powerful SEMView8000 technology. Our experts will help you find the perfect technology for your application.

Highest level of security & networking

Win11 operating system

64 MegaPixel imaging

Integrated accessories

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“I’ve been using SEMTech Solutions refurbished Scanning Electron Microscopes for almost 9 years now… The image quality is comparable or sometimes better than some of the other SEMs on campus. Even better, their uptime usually exceeds the uptime of any other SEMs on campus… SEMTech Solutions’ new SEMView8000 has been way more useful than I thought it would… I’m extremely happy with the SEMs I’ve purchased from SEMTech Solutions and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good SEM.”

Owen Hildreth, Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem.

At SEMTech Solutions, our experts are ready to help you find the right technology for the job. If you can’t find the system you need, contact us. One of our experts would be happy to help you find the right used SEM.

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AMRAY supplies advanced SEM technology for educational and research facilities. Explore our refurbished AMRAY SEMs, each enhanced with SEMView8000.


For nearly 50 years, FEI has been a leader in microscopy technology, allowing for significant advancement in materials and life sciences. Explore our selection of refurbished FEI SEMs paired with SEMView8000.


Hitachi supplies a wide range of advanced SEMs for field emission analysis, biological and medical applications, and more. View our available Hitachi used SEMs, fully enhanced with SEMView8000.


ZEISS supplies reliable SEMs for use in manufacturing, raw material processing, and more. SEMTech Solutions carries high-quality ZEISS SEMs upgraded with SEMView8000.

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