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Scanning Electron Microscopy Services

SEM Repairs

Scanning Electron Microscope Repairs

Our plans are diverse, economical and extensive. Our nationwide qualified service team has over 200 years of combined experience servicing Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).

SEMTech Solution’s service contracts offer complete support for optimal system performance. 

Typically, our standard service contracts include:

  • Planned maintenance                                                                                 
  • Onsite service visits
  • Access to STS technical support
  • Account management

There are several options available for SEMTech Solutions service contracts, from standard plans to completely customizable plans, all of which cover travel, labor and expenses.

SEM Customer Support Guide (PDF Download)

Full-coverage and fully customizable service agreements offer professional, reliable service to fit your individual needs, tool usage, and budget.

The Full Coverage Service Agreement provides coverage for the tool, inclusive of vacuum pumps, internal circuit cards, power supplies, control modules, high-voltage components, vacuum components, and the electron optics. Further, the Agreement covers all labor, travel, & expenses incurred by SEMTech Solutions during the execution of coverage as well as unlimited emergency calls. Technical support is always available through direct contact with your local Service Manager and/or the Home Office, with on-site escalation as needed to complete any task at hand.

The Service Agreement also includes (2) Preventative Maintenances (PMs) as part of the coverage. The PM is a comprehensive service providing optimum instrument performance, inclusive of calibration, beam-path parts cleaning, alignment of electron-optical column, and several other points.

Key Benefits:

1. The tool is maintained for optimum performance as needed, with planned Preventative Maintenance procedures.

2. Fixed-cost budgetary expense.

3. Access to Regional & National Field Service Response Centers.

4. No additional cost worries for covered parts.


Per diem services are offered as “on demand”, time & materials. Services are tailored per the individual instrument and current options/accessories package.

SEMTech Solutions can also offer ‘on demand’ service. We’ll be pleased to quote the tasks required as well as provide insight as to completely solving various problems encountered. Whether the tool requires immediate repair or a tune-up / calibration, SEMTech Solutions can provide fast, professional, and reliable service. SEMTech Solutions stocks vacuum components, electron-optic components, circuit-boards, and electronic components for the various models supported. We offer knowledgeable, dependable engineers for on-site repairs and Preventative Maintenance (PM) procedures.

Key Benefits:

1. The tool is serviced & maintained as required.

2. An estimated cost of repair/service can usually be predetermined prior to on-site visit.

3. Expenses can be estimated and provided as part of the quotation.

4. Service personnel will be dispatched from the regional service response center.

An instrument may require the benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Plan in order to retain/maintain proper levels of performance. The SEMTech Solutions PM Procedure is designed to include important checks and action-items that enhance performance and keep the tool running at peak levels, consisting of (3) major areas:

1. Electron-optical Column Service: Clean & inspect beam-path components, replace/clean all apertures as required, install W/LaB6 cathodes from client stock, check optics alignment, check specimen stage axes.

2. Electronics Service: Magnification calibration, power supply output check/calibration, KV compensation calibration, feature/function test, check operation of control mechanisms.

3. Vacuum Components Service: Check valve operation, check safety interlocks, check vacuum gauge calibrations


Key Benefits:

1. The PM is a comprehensive service program to ensure optimum performance of the tool.

2. The service procedure can be scheduled in 3 or 6-month intervals depending on the throughput and application of the tool.

3. The PM procedure can provide a means to detect possible issues at the earliest stage, and help to minimize costly downtime.


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