Bringing New Life, Service, and Accessories to Used SEMs

Looking for the ideal SEM technology for your lab — but can’t afford to upgrade to brand new equipment? SEMTech Solutions offers high-quality used Scanning Electron Microscopes enhanced by our powerful SEMView8000 technology. Our experts will help you find the perfect technology for your application.


Save time by automating repetitive tasks

Pre-programmed SEM States allow for semi-auto operation for production parts of your workflows.


Experience higher quality images

The SEMView8000 can produce up to a 64 Megapixel image.


Access & operate your equipment wherever you are

Remote access and operation capabilities of the SEMView8000 allow you to operate your SEM wherever you have an internet connection.

Our SEM Experts Will Help You Find The Perfect Technology For Your Application.

  • Refurbished SEMS Experience the feeling of a brand new SEM at a fraction of the price with our SEMView8000 Win10 technology.
  • Parts & Accessories SEMTech Solutions stocks most components, electronics and parts for SEM repair. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to diagnose and service your SEM on location.
  • SEM Services Our plans are diverse, economical and extensive. Our nationwide service team has the technical expertise to service all major brands of Scanning Electron Microscopes.
  • Over 200 Years of Combined Experience To Service Your SEMs

    World Class Support

    With a dedicated team of electron beam professionals located throughout the Americas and Europe, we offer flexible contracts, and remote diagnostic capabilities.

    Enhanced Security

    Advanced firewall and anti-virus software gives you protection and the ability to collaborate remotely with out-of-network groups.

    Better productivity

    Columns comes with a new Win10 SEM user interface and new electronics, creating superior image clarity.

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